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ssl telnet

Hi all,

Has anyone noticed that the ssl telnet daemon still gives ssl messages when
connecting from a client that is not using ssl?

ie, from a standard telnet client:

lister:~$ telnet master.debian.org
Connected to master.debian.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
Generating temp (512 bit) RSA key ...
Generation of temp (512 bit) RSA key done
Assigned temp (512 bit) RSA key

This is very misleading, as alot of people (even experienced users) think
that this indicates an encrypted session, whereas it is actually not (as far
as I'm aware?)

Is it possible to make ssl telnet daemon only give out these messages if
a ssl client is connecting (otherwise act like a clone of the standard
telnetd)?  Or maybe an appropriate warning message would be good.




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