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Re: Load on master.

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> This would presumably be lessened if master had (or had access to) a
> database of all current packages (which would be kept up-to-date by
> dinstall).

Something like that has been mentioned before..
> Is this an interesting project?  Is anyone else interested?  This would
> presumably tie-in with a future replacement of dpkg's local text files
> with a more efficient format.  Ian, Klee, did you have anything in
> particular in mind as the way forward there?

Erm, this issue is basically completely orthogonal to dpkg's local text
files, perhaps a similar scheme could be used but dpkg's database has much
stricter requirements than the archive scripts would.

> I'm thinking in terms of a pgsql based relational structure here...

You want to put something on the order of 60 meg of data in a sql data
base? Bleck. The idea here is to gain speed - lots of speed.


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