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Re: MUAs

On 03 Nov 1998 18:18:46 -600, Rob Browning wrote:

>Yes Emacs could be smaller, but I believe in weighing its
>disadvantages (which in your own words is 8MB of RAM and 20MB of HD
>space -- less than $30 of resources these days), against its
>advantages, which include most of the features you want in an MUA.
>For me that's more than a fair trade.  For you, it's apparently not.

    You're forgetting it isn't just that.  It is also learning EMACS before
even getting to GNUS.  It is also comparing that 8MB of RAM and 20MB HD to
something comparable, like mutt or pine or elm...  All <1Mb, some, I think,
less than 500k.  Now spawn that back out to a multi-user machine and you can
see that the extra 7-7.5Mb adds up quick.

>Anyway, I won't continue this.  I really was trying to be helpful, and
>I don't need a confrontation.

    I don't either.  But I constantly find people pointing out options which
are not viable for one reason or another and expect it to be taken as gospel.
 This is one of those subjects.  So my apologies if I overreacted.

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