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Re: MUAs

On 03 Nov 1998 17:30:17 -600, Rob Browning wrote:

>> The only one not present is GNUS which isn't an MUA, it is a lisp
>> script for a bloated editor which I refuse to install on my machine.

>That's too bad, because it certainly handles nearly all the problems
>you're worried about, and gives you about any other feature you could
>want out of a MUA (or an editor).  The main thing that Gnus doesn't
>have that would be nice for some people is IMAP support, but I hear
>that this is planned.

    If it is so wonderful, why limit it to the bloated pig called Eight Megs
and Constantly Swapping?  I can name one thing that EMACS can't give me in an
editor, put it on a rescue disk.  For editors, nothing has beaten joe IN MY
OPINION.  I stress that because I don't want this to degenerate into an
editor war.  I don't like EMACS, don't want to install 8-20Mb just for an MUA
which is a subset of something I don't like, and do not consider it
reasonable to ask anyone else to do the same.

>Gnus is built from the ground up to handle both of these things.

    Too bad it isn't an MUA but a subset of a bloated editor.

>The problem is that you haven't tried the only MUA that's likely to
>solve all your problems (except for IMAP) (IMO :>)

    Too bad it isn't an MUA but a subset of a bloated editor.

    Ironic: PHP3 has IMAP support.  It is possible for someone to make an
email client with PHP3 that uses IMAP, keeps the messages in an SQL database
and uses HTML for the display which would surpass the IMAP capabilities of
all Linux MUAs.

    I call that a wake up call.

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