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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998 04:03:43 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:

>With the sheer quantity of email in this and other lists, I prefer Ccs
>myself because it allows me to easily read and reply to thee messages that
>are of relevance to me directly more easily.

    But that is you, as an individual, not the list as a whole.  I dislike
them immensely because of the bandwidth costs to my machine and the fact that
I get the list mail in the first place.

>I have said and continue to say taht the easy way to do this is to tell your
>MUA to add the simple header Mail-Followup-To:...  Any MUA that doesn't
>honor this header is broken.

    Which RFC is that header from?  Not 822.

>I seldom use this.  But it IS there.  I group reply and trim by hand anyone
>who I notice has asked not to have Ccs if necessary, provided they haven't
>set the headers properly.

    That is the entire list, by default.

>> In a perfect world yes.  But sometimes the tradeoff is acceptable.

>I could give horror stories of this happening to other people...  =>

    In those cases I see the problem between chair and keyboard.  They are
responsible for where their mail goes and if it is so sensitive that they
didn't doublecheck the headers, too bad.

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