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Re: Several questions to sgml-tools

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> I don't know what yodl is. CSS styles are intended for HTML, I think you
> could apply them to other SGML like formats, too, at least syntactically.
> Still you would need software to process it.
Yust for my simple mind a question to be sure:  For SGML to anything
I need:
1) DTD
3) Software to process 1) and 2) together to output "anything"
If this is right (I'm not really sure) what are examples for 3) and
what are the differences, i.e. what would you suggest.

> Mmmh. I seldom use search machines. If I do, I take proper keywords and get
> no matches most of the time ;)
Did you ever searched your own Name?  Nearly all questions you posted
to a Newsgroup are listed and the question before and after yours.
You could going mad ...
>>> The whole process is quite complex. The standards involved are ISO standards
>>> and several hundred pages long. You don't need to know all to work with it,
>>> but you should know about the fundamental concepts. There are some tutorials
>>> for it, if you're interested, I can provide you with basic stuff.
> > This seems to be very interesting for me and possibly for others.
> > May be you think about bundling it in a Debian package.
> It is not enough to make a package, I'm afraid.
What is missing????
Thank you very much for your detailed answers


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