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Re: lesstif bug release critical?

I had similar UI problems with ddd and nedit in slink when installing the
latest lesstif. Downgrading to hamm fixed the problem.

I filed a bug with debian for this issue about 3 weeks ago - it is Bug #27778.

I have not heard anything more on the status of it.

On 30-Oct-98 Michael Meskes wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 01:43:21PM -0500, Steve Dunham wrote:
>> The subwindow with the web page in it is not visible.  It is a layout
>> bug in lesstif, but it renders amaya unusable.  I could release a
> It's looks like the same problem in mpsql.
>> newer version of Amaya with an older lesstif statically linked.  But
>> it the amaya package and lesstif are the same at release time as they
>> are not, then it should be removed.
> I know.
>> OTOH, lesstif 86.9 has been released, perhaps that will fix the
>> problem...
> Hopefully.
> Michael
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