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Re: NT and Debian dual boot?

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I am trying to help someone set up their machine for dual boot with NT and
> Debian. (Talk about the blind leading the blind ;-)
> First: Can this be done with NT? I know that '95 can be dual booted, but
> remember someone saying that NT didn't like mbr.

I never had a problem with dual booting NT4 and Linux with Lilo on
the mbr.  However, I recollect NT asked to write a "signature" but
I always cancelled when the dialog came up.
> If it can, can someone send me their lilo.conf file so I can figure out
> how to set this up. (If more than lilo need be set up, like special
> considerations on the NT install or mbr, I would appreciate those hints as
> well)

Don't have mine anymore (NT is *gone*), but it was just like for msdos.
Straightforword.  I don't know what the signature thing was, though. 
Perhaps that's what causes problems.

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