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Re: Status of X packages

On Mon, Nov 02, 1998 at 04:29:27PM -0500, Buddha M.D. Buck wrote:
> As far as I know, the XFree86 packages in slink/potato (X* 
> are still broken.  They have been broken for a while, and it was 
> recommended to us that we -don't- upgrade unless we are willing to put 
> up with the brokenness.  There was a flurry of releases that stopped 
> with *-6, but no announcement that the brokenness was fixed.
> The most recent movement with the X packages has been the filing of a 
> release-critical bug against dpkg, because builds of *-7 won't work 
> until the bug is fixed.
> Since people are starting to upgrade to *-6, and it's still broken, 
> perhaps we should downgrade the X packages in slink to the last working 
> version (which I think is *, and move the current packages 
> to experimental.

While it would probably be a very good idea to replace slink
X packages with the latest working version (unless there is speculation
that it will be stable RSN?? I havn't kept up either)

There is no need ot move them to experimental...just being only in
potato shoul dbe enough. Remember potato is still unstable and will
be for a while :) and things there are allowed to be broken

(not that things in stable aren't allowed to be broken to some degree...
at that point it becomes solidly and unchangingly broken :) - perhaps
even a feature if it makes us feel better about it (j/k) )

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