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Re: intent to package Amulet

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 10:20:06PM +0100, Niklas Höglund wrote:
> I intend to package Amulet.  It is a GUI toolkit for X, Win32 and
> MacOS.  I'll create two packages:
> ... 
> I am not sure of how to handle the source packages. The upstream
> version is split in source.tgz, docs.tgz, makefile-linux.tgz,
> samples.tgz, gilt.tgz, ...  I will look into this. 
> The source for libamulet.so is almost the same as the source for
> libamulet-develop.so.  Will this have to be duplicated?

Why don't you create both packages from one source file?

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