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Re: Manpages with sgml-tools???

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

>  Yodl is a package that implements a pre-document language and tools to
>  process it.  The idea of Yodl is that you write up a document in a
>  pre-language, then use the tools (eg.  yodl2html) to convert it to some
>  final document language.  Current converters are for HTML, ms, man, LaTeX
>  SGML and texinfo, plus a poor-man's text converter.  Main document types are
>  "article", "report", "book" and "manpage".  The Yodl document language is
>  designed to be easy to use and extensible.
>  .
>   URL: http://www.xs4all.nl/~jantien/yodl/
>   Authors: Karel Kubat <karel@icce.rug.nl>
>        Frank Brokken <frank@icce.rug.nl>
>        Jan Nieuwenhuizen <janneke@gnu.org>
Thanks.  That seems to be the beast I was looking for.

Kind regards


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