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Re: Large-scale debian installation, request help

I am in approximately the same situation, so would like to know everything
that you'd find.

So far I encontered the following:

1) NFS does not live well with dhcp (at least dhcpcd package) because nfs
mounts the filesystems BEFORE dhcpcd is launched. May be there is another
alternative ?

2) I've tried coda and could not make it work, so I gave up for a while.
although would love to use it eventually. Right now it can't be used for
/usr partition because it uses it by itself and this path is hardcoded.
I've heard about some work to try to make kinda "coda-root".

3) On the 468 I've decided to nfs-mount /usr and /home, the rest - local.
I've moved all suid and sgid files to / and made symlinks to mount /usr
nosuid,ro. All files on the / partition that are not hardware dependent
(as well as passwd) are distributed using cfengine.

4) The higher-end machines I plan to put OS locally, mount /usr/local and
/home via nfs (or may be use afs if we get appropriate file server). I
also want to try kerberos in combination with something like LDAP for user
account management. So far have not decided how to do about instalation.

Would like to hear any thoughts on this.


On 28 Oct 1998, Ganesan Rajagopal wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to install Debian on about 50 intel machines with very different
> hardware configurations (386/8MB/40MB to pentium/32MB/1.2 GB, different
> network cards). All these machines need to have an identical
> configuration. I would like IP addresses to be assigned automatically using
> How do I proceed with this? Do I create a custom installation floppy which
> will automate most of this? Or should I use nfs root? I would like to hear
> suggestions/advice from people who have done such large installations. I am
> currently looking at the netboot package, but that seems to do only part of
> the work and requires a lot of setup (The Readme.Debian file seems to be out
> dated and talks about a nfsroot package which I cannot find). Therefore I
> would also like to hear about people using nfs-root installations using
> Debian. Thanks.
> Ganesan 
> PS: When I have some spare time, I would like to have a look at the Coda
> file system instead of nfs root so that the local disk (if present) can be
> used a cache so that server/network is not unnecessarily loaded.
> Ganesan
> -- 
> R. Ganesan (rganesan@novell.com)       | Ph: 91-80-5721856 Ext: 2149
> Novell India Development Center.       | #include <std_disclaimer.h>

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