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Re: new syslogd broke Sys::Syslog?

Joey Hess wrote:
> I'm using perl 5.004.04-6 and sysklogd 1.3-28. The perl Sys::Syslog module

I broke it completely.  Please install -30.

> used to work, and no longer does - I think it may have been the sysklogd
> upgrade that broke it. This command should generate a message in the logs
> and doesn't:
> perl -e 'use Sys::Syslog; \
> 	 openlog("test","pid","daemon"); \
> 	 syslog("notice","testing")'

Sys::Syslog is evil anyway.  It uses an internet socket instead of a
local unix domain socket.  Somebody should give the author a clue, imho.



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