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Re: xdm package

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, you wrote:
>On Sat, 24 Oct, 1998, Russell Coker wrote:
>> I don't know what login.app is or does.  Please explain the relevance of this
>> part.
>It is a xdm replacement with an NeXT type look

As kdm is an xdm replacement with KDE look...

>> Great.  I look forward to having these things sorted out.  Until then I'll
>> happily work on KDE Debian packages anyway.  This IMHO is what free software is
>> really about, not the low cost (I could afford to buy all the MS software if I
>> wanted it and all the hardware required to run it too).  Free software is about
>> my freedom to develop KDE code in Debian packages even though many people
>> disapprove.  NB I'm not trying to flame the people on the other side of the
>> debate here - no-one has tried to stop me, it's just that my work won't appear
>> on ftp.debian.org.
>I accept you are not flaming, and neither am I, but it is clearly ILLEGAL for
>us to distribute the packages so we don't there is nothing more to it, we do
>not want to break the law.

IMHO it's not clearly illegal.  IMHO not much is clear at all.  I believe that
what I am doing by compiling code which is written by members of the KDE team
and designed to be linked with the QT libraries (it can't and hasn't been run
any other way) is clearly complying with the wishes of the authors of all the
code (both KDE and QT) in question.  If the binaries I produce are said to be
non-distributable then it's due to a technicality of the GPL.  In which case I
could produce a source package as has been done with Qmail and PINE.

>> SSL is an issue of criminal law and does suck.  However KDE packages is an
>> issue of Debian policy and therefore they could make the policy allow use of
>> the bug tracking system.  Currently the BTS tracks bugs for non-free packages
>> without any special regard for their status.  KDE is just another category of
>> Debian package.
>KDE packages are not distibuted with debian, because KDE have not provided a
>licence to which the packages can be distributed. It is NOT a debian policy
>issue, it is a legal issue.

However using the BTS is not related to the distribution of the software.  We
could use the Debian BTS to track bugs in Microsoft software if we wanted to,
as long as we didn't distribute the MS software in question that would be quite

I'll be in Denver from 30 Oct 1998 to 7 Nov 1998 (or maybe a few days longer).
I'll be in London from ~9 Nov 1998.  I'd like to meet any Linux users or
users groups in these places at these times.
I plan to work in London for 3 - 6 months...

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