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netscape and XNLSPATH

Branden warned us to put a hold on our X11 packages but I didn't do it
soon enough.  I ended up installing then downgrading from the versions of xbase, xserver-common, xserver-mach64, xlib6,
xlib6g and some fonts.

Now netscape doesn't want to start up for me.  I decided to upgrade
netscape while I was doing all this.  I picked up the 4.5
communicator tar ball from the unsupported/linux20_glibc2 area at the
netscape.ftp site.

Now both netscape and mozilla complain about locales.
 netscape: locale `C' not supported.
	 Perhaps the $XNLSPATH environment variable is not set correctly?
 ERROR: /usr/lib/netscape/plugins/libnullplugin.so.old: undefined symbol: _Xsetlocale
 Cant load plugin /usr/lib/netscape/plugins/libnullplugin.so.old. Ignored.

Suggestions welcome.

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