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Re: Uploaded kernel-source-2.1.125 2.1.125-1 (source powerpc all) to erlangen

> I wonder will this be ported to i386?
> On Thu, 22 Oct, 1998, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > Format: 1.5
> > Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 22:35:22 +0200
> > Source: kernel-source-2.1.125
> > Binary: kernel-headers-2.1.125 kernel-image-2.1.125-chrp kernel-doc-2.1.125 kernel-source-2.1.125
> > Architecture: source powerpc all

Why ported?  This is the linux source. Or what architecture have you? :-) 

The term 'powerpc' in the Architecture line is because the uploaded image is for
powerpc (subarch chrp; pmac, prep, mbx, apus will follow). The rest doesn't depend
on any arch!

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