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Re: root disk

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Myers <ncm@cantrip.org> writes:

    Nathan> Enrique Zanardi asked about whether it would be useful to
    Nathan> have PPP on the installation boot disk, for cases where
    Nathan> the boot kernel (or any kernel) has no access to a floppy
    Nathan> drive or CD.  PPP might be useful, but I don't know if it
    Nathan> would be worth the space.  Almost anywhere that you can
    Nathan> get a fast enough serial link to be useful, you can have a
    Nathan> parallel connection instead.

PLIP would be useful, but parallel cables that are usable with PLIP
are pretty rare. I'm not sure how useful either PPP or PLIP would be,
but they would definitely find use on a special laptop boot disk
(since those tend to be the ones without floppies or with no floppy
support under Linux).


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