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eterm? (Was: sensible-xterm?)

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Michael Meskes wrote:

> Now that xterm is a package of its own do we need something like a
> sensible-xterm? I see several packages starting an xterm to so some stuff.
> But what if people start to purge xterm? I also considered switching to
> eterm completely. That's when I discovered thsi problem.
I used rxvt as default because it was a habit from a very poor 486-box.
Now I switched back to xterm, because some inconsistencies in key bindings
with mc.  But also under xterm not all keys in mc work like on the

What about eterm?

In fact I'm not searching not for "yet another xterm replacement" but
for THE terminal which gives my complete compatibility with console
regarding ALL mc keys.

Kind regards


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