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Need Povray 3.1 Maintainer

   Povray 3.1 (a raytracer) has been released, and I've had a request to
package it. Unfortunately, 3.1 deleted experimental features in 3.0
(halos), and does not have the patches I applied to the 3.0 codebase (PVM,
isosurfaces).  Some of the new 3.1 features are already in the patched
Debian 3.0 package (macros).
   What I think we should do is create new Povray 3.1 packages, but keep the
3.0 packages as well.  The announcement on povray.org suggests this (keeping
the 3.0 binaries around for legacy scenes). update-alternatives entries
already exist for the povray binaries, as there are 2 different povray 3.0
binaries (a bare one and a feature-laden one).
  I don't need any of the new features in 3.1, so I won't be using that
version for some time (until isosurfaces and PVM support in 3.1 exist).  We
need another maintainer for 3.1.  Anyone want this popular non-DFSG (source
available) package?  I plan to keep the 3.0 package.

Dr. Drake Diedrich, Research Officer - Computing, (02)6279-8302
John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University 0200
Replies to other than Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au will be routed off-planet

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