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Re: KDE gone, Linux next?

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 09:06:32PM +1000, Matthew Parry wrote:
> As Linux becomes more popular the hardware manufacturers will start
> giving away drivers with the hardware, as they do for WIN95/NT/Mac.
> If we give them the option to release the drivers as closed source
> then most of them will.  But if we force them to release as open
> source then they'll still release the drivers - because market
> demand requires it - but they'll release them as free software 

Maybe somewhen this will happen, but during the next few years, the 
hardware manufacturer will rather ship NO drivers for special kinds of 
hardware than open software. :-(

Of course open software has the advantage that one could recompile it
more easily if the kernel version changes (which company bothers with
35 patches of a stable kernel ! Even MS does not produce such many 

But I would only try to encourage them to produce linux driver. In a way
they like. If one does not like it, one could wait for the hackers out
there to produce a working freeware driver. 

> In the case of word processors, I could care less.  But when
> it comes to something like the kernel - something that at times
> requires fast bugfixes - it is extreemly important.
Remember, if you do not have a driver for your hardware it becomes quite
unimportant how fast bugfixes would be made. 
First we must get the companies to PRODUCE drivers for Linux at all !

> Matthew Parry
read you,


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