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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

>>"Peter" == Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> writes:

 Peter>  - It would not be reading your mind.  That's ridiculous.

	It would be exceeding its authority.

 Peter>  - It would be doing you a favour.

	Oh no. If I wanted that file upgraded, I would have left it in

 Peter>  - It would be doing the right thing.  Why would you possibly
 Peter>    _not_ want to upgrade it? 

	Because if I wanted it upgraded, I would have left dpkg have
 control. By renaming it (which s waht has been done) I move it
 out of dpkg's hands and into manual control. I surely have
 reasons to do this. You don't know what the reasons are, and
 yet you clainm the code knows better and should remove the file?

	In fasct, unless it can read my mind and figure out that I do
 want the file removed, you dpkg should keep its grubby little fingers
 off that file which it kenneth not aboot.

	Anyway, I think this has been thrashed out enough. If the dpkg
 authors ever want to change the behaviour, and are sure that the
 stability of the system shall not be degraded, I shall not voice an
 objection, no matter how strong my inclination to demurr.

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