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Odd "build" behavior...


I build packages with "build -rfakeroot".  I get this:

 lincity_1.10-4_i386.changes 1.9 kB #, ok (1 s, 1.94 kB/s)
 announcing to  debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.orgGoerzen)... Unbalanced ')'
Goerzen)... User unknown
, failed ]
-- Generating marker debian/RELEASED
-- Package successfully released
Mark Bug# 16416, mentioned in lincity_1.10-4_i386.changes, as done? Y/n
-- 16416  marked as done.

This occurs after it uploads the files to master.

Any ideas why it does this?  Apparently, it's trying to CC me a copy,
which is failing, but the copy sent to the list goes.


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