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Re: Screenshots (Re: gdselect alpha 3)

Le Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 05:03:22PM +0200, Martin Schulze écrivait:
> http://www.infodrom.north.de/~joey/Linux/Debian/gdselect.html

The startup image isn't available.

But I have a problem with gdselect. The first time I ran it, i
was logged in a non-root account. It worked and was able to browse
through the package list. Now if I start gdselect as root, it
doesn't work : "Error locking database; correct data cannot be
re-read; retry ?" And I have to answer "no". Does anybody know why
i've got this error ?

Hertzog Raphaël ¤ 0C4CABF1 ¤ http://www.mygale.org/~hra/

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