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KDE gone, Linux next ?

I think a much more important implication of the KDE debacle is
what problems the GPL might make now that Linus is allowing
proprietary drivers to be loaded into the kernel.  Isn't this
effectively the same as linking against a library?

And even if it isn't, what are we going to do if proprietary
drivers become common?  We'll have a main dist that is useless
on a lot of computers.

I think Debian should take a stand against proprietary drivers
and only distribute kernels with the proprietary driver code
removed.  I mean people were worried about the proprietary QT
becoming a standard on Linux - I think a much more worying
prospect for Linux (and the free software community as a
whole) is having Linux boxes that won't function *at all*
without proprietary drivers!

Debian can have a lot of influence with this (linux journal
rated us as second most popular dist) and Red Hat seems to
be like minded on these matters, so we can probably rely
on them too.

What does everyone think?  Do we give Linus a good spanking?


Matthew Parry
"There now, didn't I tell you to keep a good count?  Well,
there's and end of the story.  God knows there's no going on
with it now." - Sancho Panza.

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