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intent to remove libglide from non-free

The Glide library is a mess.  It's non-free and no source is available.  As
distributed by the upstream author you get a library called libglide2x.so,
with no embedded soname.  I had packaged up an old version of this library.

I went to update the package and I found that the situation has gotten
much uglier.  Now, the upstream author is releasing 6 different versions
of the library.  There are libc5 and libc6 versions for each of three
different kinds of video hardware.  All 6 packages provide the same
library name (libglide2x.so).  Further, none of them has a soname or
even versioned links.

I'm disgusted by the whole mess.  This is what I get for taking on a
non-free package.  The author is currently distributing in RPM format.
I'd like to get the existing libglide2 package dropped from non-free and
to point our users at alien and the RPMs distributed upstream.  This
isn't a great solution, but it's the best I have come up with.  Can
anybody suggest a better one?

Roderick Schertler

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