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Re: suggestion - AntiVir for Linux

On Fri, Oct 09, 1998 at 04:48:26AM -0000, Robert Woodcock wrote:
> Just out of curiosity would anyone be interested in a mcafee virusscan
> installer package in slink contrib? I have everything created, the only
> thing I'd have to work on would be upstream upgrades (it currently doesn't
> handle this at all) and then I'd write an intent to package and upload it.

I looked at this yesterday.  It appears to be an a.out executable.  I
don't have a.out/libc4 anymore, and I suspect I'm not alone.  Are you
aware of a newer version?  It would be nice to have a virus scanner on
my Linux machine, since I receive a lot of Windoze e-mail attachments
and have several Samba shares.



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