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Re: what's after slink


just my two cents to this topic:

- Names should be short (<= 6 signs)
- I don't know The Toystory and I'm sure that it isn't kind of
  I film I should really watch, but it is a practical naming sheme
  (short names which everybody can speak and write)
- The only case where I would accept longer names would be the
  Hitchhikers idea.  (In contrast to other opinions mentioned
  here I think there are as many common things between Debian and
  Toystory and Debian and Hitchhiker -- and one common thing has the
  Hitchhiker more: IT IS TRUE REALLITY (with ;-) and without ;-) ...
  see at the people near you and look at yourself with the eyes of
  an Hitchhiker)
- Another naming scheme without any background would be A, B, C...
  There where programming languages doing this for only three
  stages to get *very* popular...
  We would have time for 26 releases to find a better naming scheme.
- Names are not importand for the thing itself.  When we spend more
  time to find a good name than to make a good package then we are

That's my humble opinion.
Kind regards


PS: My wife's name is Katrin and my son's Alexander, called Alex ...
    in case you need some further names :-).


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