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Re: Live file system

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.or.jp> writes:

> > I've been working on a CD specific install that basically delivers a
> > "standard" system with "cp -a" that could be used to also construct a
> > "live" file system. I'll let you know how it works out, if I can ever get
> > back to working on it.

> I've tried to make a live CD called Livian (Live Debian :-)) a few
> weeks ago (It is quite useless and I don't have enough time to improve
> it now though).

> I've untarred base2_0.tgz into a new directory and used dpkg's
> "--admindir" and "--root" options to create a filesystem without
> affecting the real filesystem. Instead of "cp -a", we can have a
> generic method that the live CD creators can make a image as they want
> (just like a new installation).

Actually, it is easiest to untar base2_0.tgz.  Cd into the directory
and do:  
  "chroot . bin/bash" 

Will give you a bash shell in an environment that thinks the current
directory is the root directory, then you can do:

  mount /proc /proc -t proc

and configure and install packages.

(I often use this technique to test glibc 2.1, or install Debian on a
different partition.  At one time I had a machine that was running Red
Hat and Debian at the same time - if you telneted in, you got Debian
and if you used ssh to connect you got Red Hat.)


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