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Re: Switch to perl-5.005_02 ?

> On Fri, 2 October 1998 15:09:41 +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > In that case, an upload to experimental would be a good start with the
> > new perl release so people can test there applications, libraries etc.
> Yes, I'd be the first one to try since I had problems myself
> getting it to actually *compile* at all. I think there should
> be a recent perl in slink as soon as it is stable enough.

As an aside, I compiled perl5.00502 on a debian slink machine
without problems.  It would be very kool if there were a
debian module at CPAN so that one could do
`perl -MCPAN -e shell' and then `install Debian'.

I just copied DebianNet.pm from my old 004 perl to the new.



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