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Re: Bock is ready for alpha testing

Hamish Moffatt writes:
>I don't know what bock is, but it sounds like it's a Java compiler.


>Does that mean we can dump guavac at some stage?

No.  Bock compiles to C, not JVM .class files.  On the other hand, bock
is only intended to be a prototype, and its successor (if I ever get
the opportunity to write it) should be able to compile to JVM bytecodes.

>My complaints with guavac are:
>(c) I've never heard anything from the upstream authors with forwarded
>    reports and I think the last email even bounced (the web site has
>    disappeared)

This page appears to exist (although it's not very extensive):


Or was there a 'real' site there previously?

Also, this excerpt might be of interest:

} From: bkuhn@ebb.org (Bradley M. Kuhn)
} Subject: OO optimization research resources
} Date: 28 Sep 98 05:38:30 GMT
} Message-ID: <19980928013830.U23240@ebb.org>
} X-To: japhar@hungry.com, classpath@classpath.org, codingstandard@hotmail.com,
}         ruoccos@comm2000.it, abies@pg.gda.pl, marcel@ch.twi.tudelft.nl,
}         LamM@intgame.com
} [Mentions optimisations to be implemented in GNU-spot, a clone of
} SUN's HotSpot.]  However, even if these optimizations prove too slow for
} dynamic use in GNU-Spot, we hope to contribute implementations of these
} optimizations back to Guavac, a static Java source to JVM code compiler.
} David Engberg, the author of Guavac, recently noted that Guavac has only
} a peep-hole optimizer, and does not implement any advanced optimization
} techniques [16].  In addition, Mr. Engberg has encouraged others to
} contribute to Guavac, since his available time to improve it is limited
} [17].
} [16] Engberg, David.  Electronic mail to the author.  26 May 1998.
} [17] Engberg, David.  Electronic mail to the author.  20 May 1998.

... so it looks like there's a chance others might step up and start
maintaining guavac upstream.

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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