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addition to debian standards

I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but I've only
just subscibed to the list.

I'm putting together a pentium/ppro optimised version of hamm but I've
found that it not trivial by any means to do this.  Mostly I've
been able to do it by modifying the rules file for a package but
there are some that I would need to change the Makefile to get
pentium optimisation.

My point being that pentium optimisation is something that will
be standard soon, but I don't think that we should be distributing
different source packages for different optimisations.  So how does
everyone feel about adding the ability to change the optimisation
from the rules command line?

My idea for doing this is to have a DEBIAN_OM variable for the
-O and -m flags defined in each rules file so that you'll have 
something like:

DEBIAN_OM = -O2 -m486
CFLAGS = -g -Wall

A lot of rules files already have CFLAGS or an equivalent in them,
so this would be trivial to impliment in these cases.  In most of
the other cases I don't think it will be much harder (or time
consuming).  If anyone is really strapped for time then I could
send you patches for the change.


Matthew Parry
"There now, didn't I tell you to keep a good count?  Well,
there's and end of the story.  God knows there's no going on
with it now." - Sancho Panza.

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