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dinstall: Expert Mode for mount

  Jens> I recently tried to install Debian on a Win32 partition, which held
  Jens> an 1.3Gb file, which was mounted via loopback as ext2 partition. It
  Jens> was impossible to do.


  Jens> I want to have a Linux system on my girlfriends system but I don´t
  Jens> want to change the partition layout.
  Jens> Maybe it is possible to add a "trial" install of Debian (without
  Jens> partitioning) to dinstall later on --- even better as a system run
  Jens> from CD. The only thing you would need is space on your harddisk.

That would be superb for the type of machine that are common where I work:
new shiny PIIs with huge disks, lots of RAM and NT4.0 only.

A 'non-destructive' install into a 'looproot' file would be extremely cool.

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