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Stop the thread on user interfaces (Was: Info sucks?

On Tuesday 15 September 1998, at 20 h 57, the keyboard of Michele Bini 
<mibin@tin.it> wrote:

> gnome-helper, also, is a good info browser (and can also read man pages
> and simple html files).

That was my point. The thread started as a discussion on info *files* (are 
they a good format or not for Unix documentation?) and is now devoted to user 
interfaces and the defects of the info *program*.

We have listed several different ways to read info *files*:

- info
- emacs
- more, grep, etc
- info2www + {Netscape|Mozilla|lynx|whatever}
- tkinfo
- gnome-helper

all being available as Debian packages. So there is no need to scream about 
info *files* because you don't like the ergonomy of the info *program*. If so, 
switch to another reader and stop this thread.

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