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Re: lspci (was PnP and Bootdisks)

On Wed, Sep 16, 1998 at 02:49:30PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
> >>"Tom" == Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> writes:
>  Tom> I believe the "pcitools" package supports both interfaces, but I am not
>  Tom> very certain about this point. "lspci" is a VERY useful tool on PCI
>  Tom> systems - check it out.
> 	I did -- but it does not work for 2.0.35, at least. There does
>  not seem to be a /proc/bus around (yet?) I have not tested this yet
>  with a 2.1.X kernel.

Yes, lspci is only for 2.1.XXX.

-- Ilya

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