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Re: Bug#26449 acknowledged by developer (libgtk1 should be compiled with -DX_LOCALE.)

>>>>> "Changwoo" == Changwoo Ryu <cwryu@adam.kaist.ac.kr> writes:

    Changwoo> owner@bugs.debian.org (Debian Bug Tracking System)
    Changwoo> writes:
    >> The X packages have taken out the -DX_LOCALE define, so GTK+
    >> should not be recompiled with it.

    Changwoo> You are wrong !!  Do you know what the -DX_LOCALE does ?

    Changwoo> When Xlib is compiled with -DX_LOCALE, X programs that
    Changwoo> use locale should call _Xsetlocale(), instead of POSIX
    Changwoo> setlocale().  So, GTK+'s gtk_set_locale() should call
    Changwoo> _Xsetlocale().

    Changwoo> With this GTK+ package without -DX_LOCALE, I can never
    Changwoo> see any Korean characters.  I can send an example to
    Changwoo> you, if you want.

But Xlib is no longer compiled with -DX_LOCALE as of the latest Debian
release. So GTK+ should not call _Xsetlocale(), but instead use GNU
libc 2's locale support, as it does currently.

Yes, right now you cannot see Korean characters with GTK+, because GNU
libc 2's handling of multibyte characters is poor. But when we move to
GNU libc 2.2, which will support multibyte character sets properly,
nothing will need to be recompiled to support the multibyte character

This is the correct method, as the Debian developers have decided.

For now, if you are desperately in need of multibyte support, I would
suggest taking a look at the Debian-JP project (yes, I know Japanese
isn't nearly the same as Korean!) -- they have special X servers and
all their packages are compiled to support multibyte characters,
including Korean. The URL for the Debian-JP project is:


I hope this can help you solve your problems.


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