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Re: [ippd] Unsupported protocol .... (fwd)

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:

> I've CC'ed isdn4linux@hub-wue.franken.de, as that is probably a more
> appropriate forum for this type of question.
 Thanks! :)

> > Sep 15 13:27:14 cavern kernel: pcbit: invalid frame length -> TT=0450
> > Sep 15 13:27:14 cavern kernel: pcbit: layer 2 error
> This sounds to me like possible cabling or hardware problems.

 I always had this problem .... and so a friend of mine.
 Probabilly it's a hardware problem.

 PCBIT is an active ISDN card made in Portugal and at Linux it has
some problems like if we want to load firmware we need to turn off
computer! :((

> Are you using the standard debian kernel, i.e. 2.0.33 / 2.0.34?

 I always had such error. I'm using kernel 2.0.35 downloaded from
ftp.kernel.org as bz2 archive. Meanwhile, when I had 2.0.34 debian
package I still had the same problem! Should I download 2.0.35 kernel
package !?

 Thanks for the help.

 Best regards,
   Nuno Carvalho

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