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Re: Debian bugs information: logs for bug#23690

On Thu, Sep 17, 1998 at 11:02:04AM +0100, mummert&partner_meskesm@WestLB.de wrote:
> Could anyone please tell me why this bug report is listed for me?
> a) I do not maintain mmv anymore.

It seems the latest version in the archive still has you listed as the
maintainer (the new maintainer didn't do an upload yet).

> b) It is against a problem with the alpha port. I never had an alpha, nor
> did I upload this port.

It's a bug in the alpha version of the mmv package; as the BTS doesn't
distinguish between architectures, it got sent to you.

> c) It is against an old version (actual is 1.01b-7). Could anyone on an
> alpha please check whether this is still valid?

You don't need an alpha to look at an alpha .deb's depenencies :-) The
archive now has an alpha version of 1.01b-7, which Depends: libc6.1 only, so
the bug(s) can be closed.

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