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teTeX awfully slow


yesterday I updated my Hamm system to slink.
I answered the question of the configure process of teTeX with
'n' to save my old teTeX-settings.

It is possible, that this old /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf causes the
awfully slowness of the LaTeX-compile process??  To load several
packages likes times.sty, graphics.sty, inputenc.sty takes about
ten times longer (it seems me this way) then before with my
old Hamm system.

It seem's that the adjustment of some memory specific values is
done in the config file.

If this is the case a strong recommendation should be done in
the configure script to enforce the user to install the new configuration.

Or have I done something wrong.

In this moment I had another idea and tried 'kpsewhich times.sty'.  It was
found but after quite the long time, LaTeX needs to print the message of
loading it.  I have done texhash and times.sty was included correctly
in /var/lib/texmf/ls-R.  Why is kpsewhich so terribly slow?

Kind regards


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