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I am wondering if there is anyone that would like to make a converter
for CC:Mail to SMTP (sendmail)?  I work for a large organization
(65,000+ LAN connections) that is currently using CC:Mail.  Since
Lotus is no longer supporting it, I would like to ofer an alternitive
to it of IMAP-Netscape-Linux system.  But I need to have a way to
convert the CC:Mail to the format that the above can handle.  I need
it to access the PO to get user mail and convert it from that.  I
would also like to be able to convert the archives over too.  

Is there anyone that is willing to tackle this job?  I am willing to
help in any way I can but I do not have the time to do this fully.  I
would also like this to be a feature in the Debian distribution since
I like this one the best.

Thanks for any help.


Brian Schramm

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