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netstd doesn't use PAM

Package: netstd
Version: 3.07-3

Debian 2.1 is supposed to have PAM support turned on, but this hasn't
been done with the netstd package yet. 

I have a patch that enables PAM for the r-utils, you can find it at:


(It's an NMU numbered 3.07-3.1.)  These should be merged in with the
official version of the package, or discussed on debian-devel if there
are any problems with it.

My changes to your package are:

 * Change two "MCONFIG" files to enable PAM.
 * Add debian/{rsh,rexec,rlogin}.pam, which are templates for
   configuration files.
 * Add code to "binary-arch" in debian/rules to install these three files.
 * Add directory "/etc/pam.d" to debian/dirs
 * Add the three config files to debian/conffiles

The new version will function identically to the old version, with one
exception: The configuration file for "pwdb" is broken, so a user
can't rsh into NIS authenticated accounts until they fix /etc/pwdb.conf.

The lines look like:

        shadow + unix

But should look like:

        shadow + unix


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