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Re: Are we going with X_LOCALE or not?

From: Branden Robinson <branden@purdue.edu>
Subject: Re: Are we going with X_LOCALE or not?
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 11:35:07 -0400

> > Are we going with X_LOCALE for any later version of libc6,
> > or just for a version that does not support full i18n?
> I'm reversing this change for the next release of xlib6g, and will continue
> to build xlib6g without X_LOCALE for the forseeable future.

If you build xlib6g without X_LOCALE in the future, you should do it ASAP.
Packages depending xlib6g and built with current xlib6g won't work
with xlib6g without X_LOCALE.  For example, program referencing _Xsetlocale()
will cause segmentation fault with xlib6g without X_LOCALE.
These packages should be rebuilt in new xlib6g without X_LOCALE.

> I guess the best thing to do is hope that glibc 2.1 supports East Asian
> locales.  In the meantime, I'm considering suggesting that those who need
> East Asian locales turn to the Debian-JP project, who already do their own
> builds of X to support such things.

The major problem in i18n X programs is that wcs<->mbs conversions
are not supported in current glibc2.0 for some encodings.  

So Debian JP provides libc6 to support wcs<->mbs conversions for
multi-byte character encodings such as ja_JP.ujis (EUC-JP).
Debian JP's X window system does not provides locale support itself,
but depends on libc6 with wcsmbs patch (and provides freetype supports).

In Hamm-JP (ftp://ftp.debian.or.jp/pub/linux/debian-jp/hamm-jp/), 
there are 2 pacakges to support Japanese locales,
libc6_2.0.7t-1.wcsmbs.4.1.deb and wcsmbs-locale_4.1.deb.
With these 2 packages, there are no major problems using Japanese
without X_LOCALE.

libc6_2.0.7t-1.wcsmbs.4.1.deb has the features to load wcsmbs.so
dynamically according to current locale settings.  This is not only
for Japanese, but also available for other locales. This provides
only framework to change wcs<->mbs conversion routine according to
current locale setting.  If you are interested, you can get the
patch against glibc_2.0.7t-1 from

wcsmbs-locale_4.1.deb provides wcsmbs.so's for each encodings, such as
ja_JP.ujis, ja_JP.sjis and so on.  

If someone needs other encoding supports, he need only to create 
wcsmbs.so for such encodings.

Now, I also created preload version of libc6_2.0.7t-1.wcsmbs.4.1.deb,
which is libwcsmbs_0.0.deb.  This will be available under
ftp://ftp.debian.or.jp/pub/linux/debian-jp/dists/slink-jp/ tomorrow.
libc6_2.0.7t-1.deb + libwcsmbs_0.0.deb is equivalent to 

When I become a official maintainer, I'll upload these packages,
as well as new magicpoint package :)

# I'm waiting a phone call ...

Fumitoshi UKAI / Debian JP Project

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