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Re: Can we pull KDE?

> All the best to them, then; I won't trade in
> freedom for a license to use Qt.

I agree that we should not compromise the Debian goals for the sake of 

On the other hand, KDE is quite a nice piece of software. My girlfriend
rather likes it, and I must admit I'm getting used to it as well.
Compared to my previous set-up, here are a number of dark corners
(mostly to do with the window manager), but in the absence of other
(serious) contenders it does fine in my book.

I suppose that, philosophically, it would be cleanest to get rid of KDE
for the distribution. (But it is easy for me to talk since we have a
local mirror of the relevant bits of ftp.kde.org, as well as Debian.)
Still, until the licensing problems are sorted out we should probably
leave the aggregation of KDE with Debian to the CD vendors. I don't
think KDE is quite as important as to merit special concessions that we
would not extend to J. Random Package.

Anselm Lingnau ......................... lingnau@tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your
aim.                                                        -- George Santayana

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