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Arla not quite uploaded because nonus.debian.org is down

I've packaged arla, but can't upload it because nonus.debian.org is down.

For now it's sitting on http://www.generation.net/~stark

Arla contains DES encryption code, so this is a nonus package. This ftp site
is in Canada so this is ok, but don't ftp it to any of the evil countries. And
don't reexport it from the US if you import it to there.

But there are some minor issues with the package:

o It's compiled with headers from 2.0.36-pre7. It may or may not work with a
  2.0.35 kernel, someone should try it to see if it resolves symbols. 

o It installs a module into /lib/modules, is that ok? For now I put the module
  in /lib/modules/fs so it applies for any kernel version. 

Presumably I should put the version number of the kernel in the module name
like some other modules. ?

o Lintian complains that the postinst calls mknod. Policy says I should use
  makedeve. So I suppose I should ask the makedev maintainer to add the
  device entry I need? I'm not sure the device number is very standard

o /afs itself violates the FSSTND/FHS
  It's not reasonable to change this.

o There are no useful man pages
  (In keeping with the CMU tradition I suppose)

o xfs.o isn't stripped, how do I do this without making it unloadable?

o I think there's i386 assembly in the lwp module
  Should I make it Arch: i386 ?

o fs is a two letter command, which i think violates policy.
  But AFS is established and changing the name is out of the question, imho.


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