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Re: Can we pull KDE?

David Welton said:
> Why doesn't someone ask them what they will or will not do with
> Harmony, and when they might do it?  As well as when they will be
> changing their license (adding the clause about qt being an
> exception).

We have.  When Harmony first started being worked on, we approached KDE 
about it.  Their response:  They would continue to use qt, because qt 
would always have more features than Harmony.  They would not limit 
themselves to core qt features that Harmony would provide.  So using 
Harmony as a way to get KDE away from qt is a lost cause.

As far as relicensing KDE to allow linking with qt... We've asked, 
they've said they would, they haven't.  Since then, we've discovered 
GPLed code -not- belonging to the KDE core developers incorporated 
within KDE which they don't have the right to change the license on.

So even if they do come back and give us a new license that allows qt 
as an exception, I don't know if I personally would consider that good 
enough.  Did they get permission from everybody?  If not, then it still 
isn't legal.

> Communicating with them seems like a first step.

     Buddha Buck                      bmbuck@acsu.buffalo.edu
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