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Re: debian-cd

On 04-Sep-1998, Gerhard Poul <gp@atnet.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Specifications ?  Are you kidding ;-)
> hmmm... I only want to know what files an official cd contains...

People have asked this a couple of times, as if there is a hidden
"Debian CD specification document: a complete description of the
contents of an official CD".  No such document exists.  The
specification *is* the debian-cd package.  A change to the debian-cd
package is a change to the official CD.  

The only way to see what is on an official CD is to get one and look
at it.

> > If you're willing for me to adopt your stuff as the next version of debian-cd,
> > I'd be interested in any improvements that you can come up with.  Mail me.
> I think the main iprovement is that our script is in perl and that it's more
> modular and much shorter

In many peoples opinion (including mine) rewriting something in perl is
not necessarily an improvement.

But the scripts could certainly do with a bit of a re-write, so I guess
if you do it you get to choose the tools.

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