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CheapBytes CDs again

Using CheapBytes CDROMS I had problems with obsolete files in the
dselect listing (Dale, debian/hamm does not help! There is not even a
debian/hamm directory on the CDs I got). This was caused by missing
Packages files on the CDROMs (e.g. main had no contrib Packages files
and visa vera). I solved this problem with some symbolic links. 

You can download my structure from (though I did not do extensive
testing and it is really not that difficult to do it yourself.)


(most of it are in fact the Packages files).

How to use it:

Extract it in /opt (though you can use another, if you give the other
at the access method too).

Use the mountable access method and enter:


Now the select method should display reasonable results. Select what
you want and proceed to Install. Perform the Install section with all
CDROMs you want to install software from. With each CDROM do
- mount it at /cdrom
- hit Install in dselect

Note: Since I used absolute links you have to use the /cdrom directory.

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