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A mechanism to amend policy documents


	As you know, a mechanism to update policy mechanisms has been
 proposed and accepted (after an unanimous vote on the -policy
 group). The policy packages shall be put into CVS on cvs.debian.org
 and maintained by a set of volunteers.

	The repository is in place; and we are ready to put the
 current document packages in the repository. I hope I am not
 incorrect in assuming that the debian-policy, packaging-manual, and
 the developers-reference packages constitute the core of the policy

	In preparation for doing that, I would like to request the
 maintainers of the packages to relinquish contrl to the new
 team. Since one package is orphaned, one of the maintainers has
 vlunteered to be on the new team, and the third maintainer voted for
 the proposal, this should be merely a formality.

	As soon as I have confirmation that the maintainers have
 indeed agreed to hand over control, I shall upload a new revision of
 the policy documents, with no changes except to the maintianer

	I guess we should be able to start acting on all the items
 that are in hiatus with regards to the policy documents by next week
 (and look at the current bug reports on the packages).

 Oh, the current set of volunteers are:
     1.   Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org>
     2.   Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl>
     3.   Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
     4.   Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
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