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Re: software licensing

First, I want to apologize for starting this stupid argument.  Alas,
I've proved my own point -- the GPL is confusing and ambiguous.

Second, I'm including my new license below.  I trust everyone will be
(reasonably) happy with it.

Third, I'm out of here.  I'd rather be hacking, or doing pretty much
anything other than reading a GPL argument.  If you want to contact me,
feel free to send email.

- Derek


Xpdf is copyright 1996-1998 Derek B. Noonburg.

Xpdf is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version
2.  In my opinion, the GPL is a convoluted, confusing, ambiguous mess.
But it's also pervasive, and I'm sick of arguing.  And even if it is
confusing, the basic idea is good.

In order to cut down on the confusion a little bit, here are some
informal clarifications:

- I don't mind if you redistribute xpdf in source and/or binary form,
  as long as you include all of the documentation: README, man pages
  (or help files), and COPYING.  (Note that the README file contains a
  pointer to a web page with the source code.)

- Selling a CD-ROM that contains xpdf is fine with me, as long as it
  includes the documentation.  I wouldn't mind receiving a sample
  copy, but it's not necessary.

- If you make useful changes to xpdf, please make the source code
  available -- post it on a web site, email it to me, whatever.

If you're interested in commercial licensing, please contact me:

<Insert GPL 2 here.>

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