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be ready to give in Japanese catalog and manpages for dpkg.


We, Debian JP Document Project, have been translating
the catalog and manpages for dpkg into Japanese.
Currently, there are :
  - ja_JP.ujis.po
  - install-info.8.gz
  - starrt-stop-daemon.8.gz
  - update-rc.d.8.gz
  - dpkg.8.gz
  - dselect.8.gz
  - update-alternatives.8.gz
  - dpkg-deb.1.gz
  - deb.5.gz
  (- deb-old.5.gz now in beta)

We'd like to give in them to dpkg package.


Masato Taruishi <taruis-m@jed.uec.ac.jp> | University of Electro Comunications
                <taru@debian.or.jp>      |   Department of Computer Science
                <taru@sunicom.co.jp>     |              Junior
http://www.sunicom.co.jp/~taruisma/      |      Chofu city Tokyo, JAPAN  
   Key fingerprint = 49 46 74 E1 8D D1 EB 56  8D CA 2A 20 14 9E A9 25

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