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Re: software licensing


Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:
> Impossible to enforce legally.  But, if my boss told me not to distribute
> it, I wouldn't sue him for it, would I?  I'd do what he suggested, to keep
> my job.

In that case, it hardly matters what license the software carries --
if the hypothetical boss is willing to violate the GPL (and all the
employees willing to stand for it) just because it is convenient to do
so, then I can hardly imagine him adhering to an even more restrictive
license (eg. a "no private distribution" one).

If I was involved in a situation like that, I probably wouldn't sue
on my own behalf to have the right to distribute the software.  What I
*would* do is notify the author of the GPL violation, so that he could
pursue his rights against my boss, if he so desired.  (I'm not sure
they employee would even have a right to sue, but the author of the
GPLed program certainly would, if the license were violated.)

> [In fact, I wouldn't work for that kind of boss, and I freelance
> anyway - I'm being hypothetical]

Me too, although I *have* had to work for that kind of boss.  Much
worse, actually; the amount and range of unethical behavior in this
particular workplace was staggering...

- --Rob

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